Nanlina: I simply don't feel like having to think too much in MUT

I simply don't feel like having to think too much in MUT

Jan 8 2021 at 05:58am
That is the problem imo. As soon as I played BO3 zombies with my friends, running around like idiots and having a Mut 21 coins goofy period was similar to last hotel if we had been really tired. In Madden when you are at this point, it demonstrates that it's not taken seriously, they should either put the resources back to MUT and Franchise or wait till they're prepared for the lawn to be a significant game style to release it. Don't get me wrong the lawn is not bad but you need to really try to have fun with it rather than like Minecraft at which you can just hop in and enjoy yourself most of the time. Same deal with face of the franchise, except I am leaning more toward the Gutfoxx manner of carrying it out of the game entirely. Sometimes with friends. We dont play thoughwe only fuck around. Yeah all the laterals make it fun. I play it once I simply don't feel like having to think too much in MUT.

I found John Geiger all around the Yard, but that is he and why should I care? I'll break it down as well as I know it. We kept getting updates through his right hand guy - a pseudo representative who was just his BFF from youth or something, called John Geiger. Nobody really knew what this Geiger guy did Revis, however, he promised to be the one you needed to speak to to"get to Darrelle". Around the time the Revis-Patriots won the Super Bowl they apparently had a falling out, and Geiger was no longer able to ride Revis's coattails. And somehow a couple of years after, he is a fashion designer. That's the best I can make of it.

Finally a uniform that makes it look like my player got felt up by someone with paint in their palms. Happy Halloween! I believe it'll be like the UK promo. A drop this Friday, then the"2nd half" would be some BS LTDs next Friday. The money grab is ridiculous this season and there just isn't content for solo grinders. If they are strategy is to provide half of the content and replace the other half with LTDs and a push for $$, then I think I'll be quitting Madden for great this season. I haven't played with the Yard yet but the stage values are distinct, no way in hell I'd be spending $20+ for cosmetics. One more thing about a phantom uniform is the fact that it will never be the field.

Big shout out to Mike N and HC0023 for pointing me to the direction of default settings this year. Default All Guru like Josh uses was also a massive part in these sliders puzzle. I tried all of the default option play levels like that I do every year and see which plays best and adapt from there. HC0023 has been enjoying all pro default since launch, and I followed his lead. Cdcool was also the first I saw which used the penalties maxed out. I tested a set by him early in release. Twix gave me a few suggestions. Teleo as well. Information from Raiderren this past year continues to be instrumental. Also had several discussions with Playmakers. Got the match late this year, on actual release day and attempted a total community strategy. If I forgot anyone, allow me to know and I'll add one to the intro. Doncropper also direct me to the ideal direction with what to do with the game crashing in cfm using slow sim. Particular thanks for all. If you try something new with this set and it works, let me know, and I will give it a shot. So much division this year. Madden is a superb place to buy mut coins madden 21 do group work.


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