Kingang: I Need Some Help With My Installments

I Need Some Help With My Installments

Nov 19 2020 at 01:21am
Frankly your skills are very low and it won't be hard to level them up. For all your combat stats, I'd reccommend hillgiants. There are a number of safe spots for magic and ranged, they are RS gold rather easy and shed big bones for prayer xp. For mining, just go to the mines southeast of varrock and mine, then once you get the ores, visit al kharid and use the furnace there to smelt. You are able to actually make some cash selling the pubs on ge.

You can bank and burn later, or burn them as you go.Fishing and cooking - just go to a fishing place, the Lumbridge lake works, and fish fish fish. Have a hatchet and tinderbox and cook every stock. You can drop them or sell them to the general store to get just a little money.

Crafting - shear sheep and create balls of wool, mine clay and put in water to create wet clay afterward make dishes, or (the best imo) create a lot of leather items. You are able to kill the cows and tan the leather from al kharid to do it the inexpensive way. To get runecrafting, you must perform the Rune Mysteries quest. Begin by speaking to the Duke in Lumbridge, it is quick and easy. You then visit Aubury in the Varrock rune store with Buy runescape 3 gold a pickaxe and he teleports you to the character mine. Mine a few hundred essence (which doesn't take as long as you think) The air altar is south of falador. Go make some runes!


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