MMOruki: RS3 content is wealthier and harder to create

RS3 content is wealthier and harder to create

Nov 5 2020 at 01:50am
In terms of the lack of RuneScape gold quests altogether, I believe one reason that we are becoming less quests is since we already have so many. We're reaching 200, and again in 2005 if 29 quests were released there weren't many. And also, nowadays, with the entire world full of Completionist Capes, the major reaction to the majority of quests nowadays is'2 hours to get my Comp back rip' and they rush through the pursuit as fast as possible without really noticing some of the content / storyline, and those people would surely vote no on a brand new poll to get longer quest releases. So I believe polling it might not work. IMO, less quests with better quality is where it should be, and right now they're delivering at the less quests department only fine, but better quality is not really that good.

Deficiency of quests . Frankly I can't name more than 3 quests released in 2013 (there might have been , not certain ). To me it appears that there is an overall lack of upgrades. RS3's development team appears to be at least twice larger than that of Old School Runescape, but they seem to create a similar amount of content not counting treasure enthusiast matters. Today RS3 content is wealthier and harder to create, but still I think that it's a little disappointing. Just think of all of the things they did in two months of 2004.

Runescape 2 released. Kharidian desert greatly expanded. Relekka, Etceteria, Miscellania, and Lighthouse released (and everything north of the council bridge). Runecrafting skill. Numerous quests linked to the above.

They did that all with a little development group compared to today's. I know it is more difficult to release upgrades these days with textures and all that, but more quests and updates in general sure would be nice. I am probably quite wrong here but it seems like Jagex puts more thought to Treasure Hunter/Solomon's updates than regular game upgrades. A bunch of things which were published there could have been incorporated into a new pursuit or skill expansion. Portable forges and ranges especially.

Quality over quantity I guess? Not really. That's suggesting that either 2005 had poor quality or that now has great quality. The one issue with this one is that it ought to have been rated Master rather than Grandmaster. It's also rushed. The new regions utilize recycled graphics (celestial dragon dungeon will be the same as the Brimhaven metal dragon area). Fate of the Gods - Very good / amazing. It's contained but still done well. Shadow Over Ashdale - Novice and brief, but rs2007 gold decent atmosphere.


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