MMOruki: NBA 2K21 could be a whole lot easier than 2k20

NBA 2K21 could be a whole lot easier than 2k20

Oct 13 2020 at 04:52am
Yeah, I nearly have a feeling they'll change that Nba 2k21 Mt. 2k might realize if largely everyone does not have pro dribble moves that the game will look and feel exceptionally slow.That slashing playmaker is the one! I made mine to find lock takeover as an option, but I'm stuck between that and slashing because I really like to play defense.I created a 6'9 one that has 22/1/13/22. I had been going for a Shawn Kemp kind of player and I think I got everything I had been going for.

I know I am gont get despise for this but I really enjoy the game so far and love the new shot . I really believe this is going to be better than 20 and that I will have fun on it. Obviously they are not gonna go all out trying to improve the graphics cause that would be dumb to place all their time when the new gen is coming out at precisely the same time frame so that they probably directed their attention to next gen.

I understand that is a shitty thing in their part and they haven't been reliable the past 3 decades but it's just like whenever the ps4 came out they stopped putting effort in their 2ks and 2k14 on the PS4 was amazing and everyone loved it. Anyhow my point is that I really love what they have done together with the meter and believe it seems fantastic and plays good so far and I'm not bashing them for it appearing exactly the same because it is supposed to look exactly the same until following gen.

So realistic dribbling gotcha. Now if it's still bad and looks exactly the same and performs the exact same on next gen I'll for sure be pissed and be done with 2k but as if I know that is my view on things.Sorry for punctuation BTW telephone is actual laggy.Dribbling was rather cruced the way you do motions doesn't transition or correlate nicely. Like the new way to do a behind the back just does not flow well with different motions. I actually liked the dribbling more, sounded like it was harder to junk one move together a bunch and simpler to string different moves more smoothly, I think as we get more used to the dribbling it could be a whole lot easier than 2k20.

There's no sizeups, and the dribbling feels anything but smooth, it actually feels as though it's RNG. I don't know how it progressively gets worse and worse year after year. We're miles behind 16, 17, and even 19. The dribbling just feels like it's a low ability gap, and the greater skilled motions (18 half twist, walkback combos, etc) all seem clunky and uncomfortable. Like in 19 or 17 the highest skill moves , and mt for sale 2k21 it felt as though you had complete control over your own player.


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