Kingang: It Removes The Learning Section Of Jad

It Removes The Learning Section Of Jad

Jul 31 2020 at 10:05am
Can't they write posts like the one OSRS did? Not everyone has time to tune however they have enough time to read about what the future holds a post. It's just like the reason Netflix/Streaming is murdering cable TV. It's possible to watch Netflix consequently and anytime about waiting for stuff to appear on TV, because of the who cares. Told you already, OSRS gold has Livestream Roundups in form of a transcript that is weekly. They are offering in RS3 projects in kind of a weekly instead of a monthly or biweekly writeup at OSRS. Evidently you did not even visit with the RS3 News pages.

My ideas on the RS3 community are positive

I didn't understand OSRS had a location in which you train each processing ability? Sorry if the significance of the joke was too osrs centric but basically wintertodt is known for its packed nature and cancerous overly political discussions which seems to be the same in the portable hub lol. I lowkey overlook this kind of behavior. Everybody keeps to them, although I used to see it each time I went fishing or mining. I remember fishing at Living Rock Caverns one day and someone just said"Benghazi" or something then teleported away, and the next 20 minutes were individuals ranting about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was entertaining, but I only miss seeing people speak.

This still occurs during crater events. Someone will say something and political tele away or stay quiet and everyone carries on for ages. I had fun with a man who was trying to bible thump people, he ended up being bible thumped himself. I get the impression that a lot of individuals want to discuss politics, but do not wish to be that man who begins the argument. This was just 4 years ago should these two were applicable. Didnt LRC perish longggg prior to then? LRC hasnt been popular because like 7 years ago.Off the very top of my mind, rocktails were still the best food that could easily be accumulated, and I believe it was the ideal method to train Mining if you wanted coal or stone, for DIY gamers or ironmen, in addition to being the very best XP/hour if you did not have access to Prifddinas.

I might be remembering wrong; the LRC crowd moved to Trahaearn runite ore. Just as AFK like toxic, but I think even that has died down somewhat since the rework. Yea, after waterfall fishing became a thing, there was no need for lrc. Same with old school rs gold warbands and seren stones. If rocktails still made decent cash it could have been 14, I guess. But I could be remembering the time/place incorrect.


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