Kingang: As A Transaction Off The Drop Prices

As A Transaction Off The Drop Prices

Jul 23 2020 at 02:35am
The Issue with mechanic jumping and elitism in RS gold

Stop attempting to pvm with rude people. This isn't a thing at all. Yes providing a boss tough lifestyle point caps will make the boss unnaturally difficult compared to other directors (hello nex) but it doesn't make it fun material (hello nex). The bottom line is do not attempt to pvm with people who are dicks. Nobody ought to be crapping on you on your kill times. That having been said, if very great players are searching for extremely speedy trio ed runs (since it's the only way not soloing them is well worth it financially) then I don't have any issue with them stating"sorry, we need boss kill instances of x, and we're pretty sure you will slow us down".

That is fine, that isn't elitism, that's those who have a great deal of practice and want to do something specific you are unlikely to be able to help with. Why do you pvm, you should sell your equipment and go mining" or stating they will take learners and not taking you as of a slow kill period or whatever. That is poisonous behaviour. But if I have spent hours doing a boss, possess 800 kill count and I want fast consistent easy chill kills, why shouldn't I make sure that the people I'm going with are the exact same standard? I'm not registering for an instruction session, I am needing some informal elite dungeons pviming. Worth noting the previous bit is a view point, my verak lith period is just like 20s faster than yours, therefore I would imagine we drop in precisely the same category of"lol git gud shitter" to anyone who is that sort of poisonous.

Describe why not, the matter with times phases and challenging HP caps is that they become really boring as soon as you get to a certain point. This means for a high tier pvmer they're dull daily one, to someone good they are boring after a couple of days, and every player finds them boring after a couple of years of power creep. Unless jagex are going to go about and rebalance content constantly (they should do it more frequently but realistically they aren't likely to) then mechanics like that are just bad design.

1 rax was well balanced. You had to be great but you'd get the hp down about as the web was. In 2020, phase one is"stand about and tap boss simulator" that requires nearly double the time the average buy runescape 3 gold player would undergo it once they understand the boss. P2 on path 2 is the same, if you understand the boss at all you'll be stood around on the ramp just frightening avoiding mechanics exhausted out your own mind. Difficult phase points have potential to be fun an engaging but they generally don't age well. Time gates are just unfun, and phases that become time gates as electricity creep happens are not fun.


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