Kingang: This Suggestion Applies More So To MyPark

This Suggestion Applies More So To MyPark

Jul 15 2020 at 06:46am
However with manual control you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the 3 ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50percent of his broad open shots, in online play 2k21 pc buy mt if for whatever reason you can't receive his jumper down, allow his 99 badges and stats allow you to hit a percentage around there. Can hit the percentages that were mad high. That is obviously looks at the basket. The actual player portion would still take the same time to release shots, and with good defense you shouldn't be getting such appearances anyways.

Total Game speed The animations, reactions and total speed of the game doesn't scream elite athletes, it is much more like 60 year old trainers. The courtroom is floated down by the players and it seems to take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes for button inputs to reveal onscreen. Horrible. Loose ball reaction time The game responds to all loose balls way too quickly. The ball gets magically sucked back into the CPUs palms. The players teammates even runs away out of rebounds and appear to never react to some loose balls.

I think development and the characteristics need a complete revamp. For starters, let's be sensible.. I get theres the whole story and what but theres no way in hell a participant with the attributes we begin with will get any opportunity in the league. Instead of beginning at 65, have the participant be a 70. I believe we should have a few attributes we start out pretty decent at (possibly like 75 to 80) that we get to pick (like speed and 3s, or dunks and obstructing ). It enables the player to not totally suck, not begin OP, while also having a realistic rookie that should develop other skills to be good. No person in the history of basketball could or could go from being a 50 to 85 at 3s or speed. But they could go from a 80 to 85.

Create the vc between ratings to compensate for it and permit the players to gain points based off gameplay. For instance, myplayer has a 70 rating in rebounds but has 10 or more a 2k21 mt central game for 5 matches in a row. I would get bonus points for this feature 11, to use. They should also adjust how skill affect. I like the idea of having certain abilities be bunched in classes. A gamers dunking capability would be affected by their own vertical, palms, and athleticism. By raising my dunk score at dunking in actual life I could not get. But I could purchase working to increase my athleticism vertical and ball control. Reaction time could be a class that impacts rebounding, blocking ball reactions.


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