MMOruki: PSO2 will let you dress up like Yakuza's Goro Majima

PSO2 will let you dress up like Yakuza's Goro Majima

Jul 8 2020 at 09:21am
Regardless of the erm, cluttered, PC release of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Phantasy Star Online 2, there are still plenty of reasons to keep grinding away. Sega announced the Sega Legacy collection, which attracts a host of costumes today. Virtua Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles, and yakuza are franchises contributing threads for PSO2 players. Which means, naturally, that soon you'll have the ability to cosplay as the infamous Dog of Shimano Majima.

In all honesty, the Goro costume is most likely. There are more to choose from Sega's dusty cupboard. The Sega Legacy collection contains outfits from Valkyria Tales personalities like Kai Schulen or Alicia. You may also dress up as Akira out of Virtua Fighter for your Bouncer character.

The collection comprises more than some new threads. Weapon skins based on hair styles, in addition to the personalities and accessories, are included. There's also another addition: emote walks. This...this ain't it. I'm telling you if I find any of you crab-walking as Goro Majima such as he stepped out of The Exorcist, that's the day I downloaded Phantasy Star Online 2.

Outfits in the Sega Legacy set are on sale. You have to buy them via AC Scratch Tickets, which cost approximately 200 AC ($2 USD) each. If you would like to see every item available you may check the page. You only have to be fast if you find what you need; the collection will only be in 11 PM PDT.

PSO2 started in May on PC to some underwhelming results. The launch has been marred by problems, a lot of which may be tracked back into the Terrible Windows 10 launcher. Those problems aside, we also didn't feel that Phantasy Star Online 2 was the wait. Our 6/10 review noted lack and its clunky interface of content. It's still worth a play for people that have a great deal of time and Phantasy lovers to kill -- if you can afford to not pull your hair out because of it's horrible Windows 10 launcher. Great luck.

Growing up, I had. It's rare for me to stick with a match series forever. But even ones that I do revisit on rare events (like Final Fantasy) that I usually do not stick with for long. Phantasy Star has at all times been the exception. Every time a brand new game in the series comes out, I shall drop everything. And meseta pso2 frankly, I have been awaiting ONline 2 FOR AGES. Like everyone else, I thought it would never come out. But I finally got my hands on Phantasy Star Online 2 and feel.


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