MMOruki: I won't tell people RuneScape is a productive or healthy

I won't tell people RuneScape is a productive or healthy

Jun 28 2020 at 04:50am
I like rs. Dont get me wrong. You bring up several good points being: flexibility and freedom, and cheap RuneScape gold a huge amount of content. That I agree with, having done a lot of it myself (best accomplishment is solo cox). But the reason I say it is bad is because I refuse to recommend it and wont. It takes maybe (and I'm only imagining ) 100 hours or so just to reach a point were we can socialize with each other in a meaningful way, being pvm. Chatting or Skilling in my view is idiotic. I be concerned with my pals and could easily play with another game.

I guess 100 hours since - earning first cash to train with, questing, diaries, heaps of abilities, yet more money, nothing really makes decent cash at lesser levels. And lastly some starting gear or emptiness. The sad thing is, 100 hours to an player seems like nothing. But that is a large amount of a individual's life to take a seat at a desk for things. What is even more sad, is that's just the tip of this iceberg. If people have an account I don't mind and I meet people in game to raid with. But I won't tell people RuneScape is a productive or healthy utilization of time.

That's a legitimate point, but I do not agree that it makes it a match. It's very normal that it's difficult for a player to perform together with an experienced player in any game. Gaming isn't productive in the awareness of productivity. Can you recommend Fortnite, Fifa or CoD to anybody? It requires houndreds of hours to learn the aerial facet of Rocket League, does that make it a game? It takes soccer to be learnt by houndreds of hours to the point where you could play games with others in a level that is decent.

Does that make soccer a game that is bad? (Yes, there are physical health advantages to soccer, but that's besides the point). My purpose is that the problems are not unique to osrs. Does this make it even more hard to recruit new players? Yes. Then why is the player foundation? Because osrs is not a terrible game. It suffers that it shares with most other mmorpgs. I'd reccomend any of those games yes. You dont have to be a master. Yes you may get carried away in those cases, but you can play anyone of any ability level at any time. Making it more relaxing and friendly.

If I recommend osrs to a friend, there is virtually 0 articles that we can do with each other until they have put a hefty number of hours grinding solo. Quests, diaries and let us say foundation 70s for combat. This is no simple task for somebody. That is why I say its objectively bad. It's a mmo that's played. There is no coop or group activities if you don't ditch massive hours to solo. While I really like RuneScape game and play with it. It is and always will be bad in my opinion for buy RS gold these reasons.


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